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From the CEO to the board, we have an evaluation solution for your organisation

Board Evaluation

Addressing the specific governance model and circumstances of each board member and the CEO in order to identify and highlight their alignment, competencies and differences.

CEO Evaluation

Our combination of a self-assessment and objective views of the CEO results in the most efficient route to measuring CEOs’ performance – all whilst offering continuous monitoring and feedback.

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BoardClic is our go-to solution for top function evaluations. Not only did it provide valuable, actionable insights into our board work – we were also impressed with how easy it was to use.


BoardClic continues to be a top-of-the-line way to evaluate and improve our work quality. With all analytics delivered on the platform, we are able to leverage BoardClic’s functionality to see where we need to improve and where we’re already efficient.


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Why chairmen should evaluate their CEOs

Why chairmen should evaluate their CEOs

The CEO is the link between the top functions in an organisation – from the board of directors down through to the management team. His or her decisions resonate throughout the entire business. Hence, the importance of ensuring a strong and effective leadership from your chief executive cannot be stressed enough.

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