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Take a science-based and data-driven approach to assessing your Board of Directors, CEO, and Management Team on BoardClic’s Smart Assessment platform.

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Innovation, transparency, sound corporate culture, and leaning towards data analysis and efficient feedback is crucial for organisational success. We believe in the power of vertical alignment between top corporate functions for better business performance results – now and in the future. BoardClic’s digital platform is the number one route to aligning your top team with modern corporate governance practices by offering actionable insights on alignment, benchmarking and performance.

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Simplify Complexity

Counter the complexity of corporate governance by having BoardClic do all the hard work – letting you focus on the things that matter.

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Get Transparency

Unveil strengths and weaknesses through assessments to increase transparency and to contribute to an open and trusting culture between Shareholders, Board, CEO, and Management Team.

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Invite Alignment

Find out where differences in priorities, opinions, and competencies lie, and how they affect your organisational success.

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Compare Results

Compare yourself to industry standards, other entities in your portfolio, or evaluations from previous years – made possible through our calculated BoardClic Indexes and benchmarks.

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What makes us different

BoardClic is twofold science-based – in content and methodology. In content, the questions and drivers are built on extensive experience from corporate governance and multi-disciplinary research fields, that combine – e.g. leadership and decision-making processes. In methodology, the systematic behaviour leans on scientific experience from large quantitative studies.

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Expert advice right at your finger tips

Access over 60 years’ of collective experience with the click of a button.

Sole focus on the User experience

A user-centric development approach simplifies the usage and allows self-service to stakeholders.

Built on Data science

BoardClic’s technology is based on data science, leaving you with easily accessible indexes and benchmarks.

Digital and Personal

We believe no amount of technology can make up for a human being. Hence, BoardClic experts are with you – each step of the way.

Smart Assessments To Achieve Full Vertical Alignment

Board Assessment

Effective board assessment is extremely crucial to meet the evolving standards of corporate governance. BoardClic addresses the specific governance model and circumstances of each board memeber in order to identify and highlight their alignment and differences for better strategic decisions.

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CEO Assessment

BoardClic’s CEO assessment is a smart way to identify and critique CEO’s performance for a strong and effective leadership. The assessments are designed to offer continual monitoring and feedback. These insights are important to the CEO as well as the board for better corporate health.

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Management Team Assessments

For organisations to remain successful they need the right leaders in place. Our management team assessment provides accurate insights on strengths and potential areas of growth of the individual senior leaders based on cognitive abilities, and leadership potential.

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Consulting and Advisory

After the completion of a BoardClic digital assessment, you are empowered with actionable insights. However, the global pressures, increased regulatory concerns and other situational issues place emphasis on an extensive evaluation every other year, which calls for expert advice. For this, BoardClic offers consulting and advisory services from our highly renowned experts.

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September 20, 2019

How BoardClic is helping Private Equity Firms Build Better Companies

How BoardClic is helping Private Equity Firms Build Better
September 20, 2019

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BoardClic Asking One Simple Question to
September 20, 2019

There exists a dent in the conventional board evaluation processes and it’s time to acknowledge it!

There exists a dent in the conventional board

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