BoardClic officially launches in the UK

BoardClic officially launches in the UK as the next step in its exciting expansion strategy for 2020.

London: Today, BoardClic announced its launch into the UK market through a new partnership with Sara Parker. The partnership combines BoardClic’s digital evaluation and insights tool with Sara Parker’s extensive UK board network.

BoardClic’s mission is to make transparency and responsible corporate governance available to all organizations across the globe. Making this innovative platform available across the UK is an exciting and important step on this journey.

“We are incredibly honored to have Sara Parker on board to help us continue our vision of digitalizing the board room,” says Monica Lagercrantz – CEO and Founder at Boardclic.

“I am delighted to be partnering with BoardClic to make its exciting and world-leading technology available to boards across the UK. Their pioneering, data-driven, rich insights are a vital step in improving board and company performance by democratizing access to this analysis” says Sara Parker.

BoardClic is an analytics platform that offers smart evaluations of Board of Directors, CEOs and other leaders. The platform and the contents of our evaluations are based on a user-centric design approach, decades of data and behavioral science. We want to bring accountability, transparency and simplicity into the space of Corporate Governance – a universally hot area.

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Monica Lagercrantz

Written by Hernan Gil

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