Team Evaluation

Align your senior leaders with top-down objectives and improve transparency within the team

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Managers play a crucial role in your company’s infrastructure, but the right people in place does not mean automatic delivery according to strategy. Objectively evaluating your management team is an essential skill that must be cultivated. 

BoardClic aims to help you identify the barriers within your management team that hinder acting on a set strategy. Our management team evaluation reveals misalignment in opinions and priorities within the management team in order to bring differences in expectations and definitions to the table, and to facilitate further discussion and joint learning.

How BoardClic evaluates your management team

Solidify your leadership

Give your managers the tools they need to identify areas of growth and to lead their teams.

Our management team evaluation produces actionable insights regarding your management, and gaps and overlaps between team members are identified and highlighted. BoardClic aims to give your management team a data-driven foundation for debate, dialogue and decision-making.

An intelligent overview of your management team dynamics will help you base future strategic decisions on facts and science, and enforce your organisational direction.

Adopt a simplified process

Find out what factors make up for an efficient management team, and use them to your advantage. Awareness around what makes a management team tick is key for success.

Evaluating your team is one thing, but acting on the outcome is another. Intelligently segmented results will simplify the analysis, and the subsequent creation of an action plan.

Follow the right metrics

Effectively measure potential and leadership competence in your management team.

BoardClic’s management team evaluation follows the five components of emotional intelligence that make up for positive management; self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Give your leaders

the tools they need to lead and grow