CEO Evaluation

Ensure a strong and effective leadership in your organisation

The CEO is the link between the top functions in an organisation – from the board down through to the management team.

The importance of ensuring a strong and effective executive leadership from the chief executive in your organisation cannot be stressed enough.

BoardClic measures and deep-dives into your CEO’s performance regarding leadership and strategy implementation.

We provide continuous monitoring and feedback, and insights that are crucial for the success and health of your company – and your CEO.

Solidify your leadership

Uncover whether your CEO has the vision, strategy and personal capabilities to achieve organisational objectives.


BoardClic’s CEO evaluation provides a combination of subjective and objective analysis.

Put results into context to accurately highlight gaps between the board and CEO, and between the CEO and management team.

Identify where to take action

What makes a CEO successful? What skills, experience and capabilities are required for optimal input and outcome?

BoardClic segments your responses around the most significant drivers of CEO performance in order to provide you with truly value creating insights.

Use your personalised BoardClic analytics to help your CEO identify where to take action and how to best serve the organisation.

Measure what matters

Evaluate your CEO using metrics that matter.

Strengthen your entire organisation by examining the chief executive’s aptitude regarding establishing strategic direction, leading effectively and building a management team.

BoardClic is built around a number of leading practice principles. Our CEO evaluation considers many different, important facets of being leader of a company – from fundamental skills to specific competencies tailored to your industry and company size.

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