BoardClic Express

A revolutionary secure way to collect feedback after board meetings.

The pulse in the Boardroom

Taking feedback is essential to building a stronger board and creating trust in the Boardroom. Chairmen and board members are constantly under high pressure, leaving little time to establish a feedback system that works. 

BoardClic Express is a revolutionary way to collect instant feedback after board meetings. 

BoardClic Express will improve your board work

A genius mini survey. Giving you instant feedback

Collect valuable feedback in real time

Your data is in safe hands


Increase engagement and contribution

Collect valuable feedback, in real time

Build a stable feedback loop that simplifies communication. Promote transparency within your board meetings.

Get instant results and real-time reports right after meetings.

Identify your meeting’s strong and weak points

Instantly identify improvable aspects of board meetings or your own leadership skills.

We provide you with the insights you need to put facts as a foundation of your discussions.


Increase the efficiency of your board meetings

Optimise your workload and decrease redundancy by utilising a streamlined process.

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