Board Evaluation

 Increase efficiency and identify obstacles within your board of directors

A board where directors aren’t aligned equals a football team without a playbook.

In order to create structure and effective teamwork, you need to align your players with each other and with business objectives.

Our board evaluation was developed with alignment and transparency in mind. BoardClic measures how your board achieves its environmental, social and RoI objectives. 

Specific corporate governance models are also addressed, as well as circumstances and competencies regarding each board member. 

Deep dive into your board analytics

Our board evaluation produces actionable insights regarding your board, and gaps and overlaps between board members are identified and highlighted.

An intelligent overview of your board dynamics simplifies the digestion of key information, and substantiates your organisational direction.

We give your board the insights they need to establish a data-driven foundation for debate, dialogue and decision-making.

Benefit from segmentation

Understand exactly what aspects of board work are affecting your company the most, so you can direct focus where needed.

Our database allows us to identify the drivers of board work with the highest impact on boards’ value creation.

Each section represents a different element of board performance psychology, and are used to segment results into more tangible insights.

Measure what matters

Learn what aspects are important to your board work, and how to promote transparency, agenda and alignment.

The questions in our board evaluation are designed to track metrics that are key for alignment, transparency and organisational success.

These metrics are based on years of collected insights to ensure their accuracy.

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