Why should you assess your top team?

An open climate in the board room is healthy. Integrity is a crucial feature that we are all looking for in board members, CEOs and senior leaders of today. There is no doubt that the best team wins. However, when you have found the best people, you need to establish an alignment of interests between everyone in the organisation - including the shareholders.

Alignment is at the forefront of the organisation, from the shareholders to the board members, in order for everyone to efficiently strive and work towards a common goal. A winning company is the one that unlocks alignment within the top team.

“48% of all board members and CEOs believe that the role of the board in relation to innovation and strategy is insufficiently clear”
Based on data collected between 2012-2019

Top team alignment

BoardClic is focused on visualising the level of alignment within the top teams
as well as their level of efficiency.

The domino-effect of building a healthy company starts at the very top - you simply need to tip the first tile.

All we do is help you push.

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Opens the door to strong corporate governance

A company can consist of qualified board members, engaged shareholders and a passionate management team - but only
measurable facts can create real transparency.

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Ensures alignment of interests between shareholders, Board and C-suite

There is no guidebook for a well-functioning board.
Guidance comes only from asking the right people
the right questions.

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Identifies the appropriate mix of skills and experiences